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  • Is this thing food?
  • What is all this talk about lasting long sef!
  • Why do I have to last upto 35minutes?
  • I am not that jobless na..
  • I cannot come and kill myself o (in Timaya’s voice)
  • Whether I last 1minute or 1 hour, isn’t it the same thing?

That was me talking 10 months ago when someone introduced this same product to me…
Until one day, when l caught another man banging the love of my life.This was the worst day of my life. I couldn’t believe my eyes


I was a typical 0ne Minute Man I couldn’t even hold up to 1 minute sometimes sef. I read a lot of delay strategies online and applied them too but i was wasting my time and data At a point, I would try my best to last longer by withdrawing my machine gun during the war. But immediately I put the machine gun back in, I would release fast, no matter how hard I try to control it.. I noticed my woman was not satisfied and still needed more but I couldn’t help her or myself. Sometimes, I would start talking during intimacy just to take my mind off what I am doing but las las I will still not last upto 1minute.


It Was A Very Shameful And embarrassing Time In My Life.


This issue made me feel less of a man I lost my self-confidence and pride as a man when it comes to that area..

To be fair, I tried my best to solve this problem.

I took all this herbal stuffs, from local jedi jedi, to yoyo bitters, to gboko cleansers, but none worked for me.

There's this popular saying, "a problem shared is a problem half solved" but this saying was not for me because I was too ashamed to deflect my ego and tell my friends about my problems. Who knows? They might use it against me in the future.

At a time, it became unbearable, I had to open up and discussed my problems with a my best friend, Mr. Martins and he told me to mix milk with banana and egg, which I did, but still I ended up embarrassing myself and my village people. Lol

It Didn't End There! I spent so much money on different suppIements in the market from jeho supplement, to cow weed, to kotimbe etc I just ended up wasting my money and time.

The only time I had a sting of success was when I started taking hard drugs like viagra, tramadol, don simon mixed with sk.

They worked, but these drugs almost killed me. My heart was pumping excessively. I was at the point of giving up when an old friend of mine from wayback in the secondary school, Mr Sogo ( I will never forget him in this life) recommended this relationship-saving combo MALE POWER BOOSTER

  • Made From Natural Herb: Unlike all these chemical made products out there, MEN POWER BOOSTER is made from pure herbs that are safe and healthy
  • Safe, Without Side Effect: This product is extremely safe for everyone because it contains no artificial substances or chemicals.
  • Instant Result: Unlike all these supplement out there that makes you wait for 30 days before seeing result, MEN POWER BOOSTER gives instant result. If you get it tonight, your woman will know that something has jam her.


  • The reason why you release fast is because of the excess sensation on the head of your ?machine gun?
  • What does is to reduce the excessive stimulation on the tip of your rod.
  • When this too much sensitivity has been reduced, you will be able to last for as long as you want.
  • It is as simple as that.


>> One of the main reasons why I bought this product was because of the instant result promised
>> I was tired of all these 30-Days product, cos even after the 30 days, I still don't see any result.
>> So, I needed something that is safe and can do the job immediately.
>> And amazingly, the product worked beyond my expectations.
>> The first night I used this product, I was surprised that I could last more than 30minutes, my woman couldn't believe it too.
>> During the next round, I couldn't even release again.
>> I was on top my woman for almost 50 minutes (Me that couldn't even last 1 minute before). But Let Me Tell You What Surprise Me Even More
>> I thought my madamm would be tired or complain because I was takin too long.
>> But instead she was ENJ0YlNG it.
>> All her hidden sekxual demon came out that day.
>> I was surprised to hear her say "Take Me From The Back" "Let Me Come On Top", "Do this style and do that style"
>> I was like Anyways, we both had a great time
>> And everything has changed in our intimacy life.
>> I am proud of myself now, my woman is always very happy now
>> I am always looking forward to next intimacy time because I am confidence that with the help of
MAN POWER PRO , its going to be a banger

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